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Alfio Borzi - Research

  • Modeling with partial differential equations (PDEs)
  • Development and analysis of discretization schemes for PDEs
  • Development and analysis of multigrid methods
  • Optimal control and inverse problems with PDEs
  • Multilevel iterative schemes for optimization with PDE models
  • Shape optimization
  • Quantum control problems
  • Simulation and control of multi-agent dynamics
  • Stochastic models and uncertainty
  • Fokker-Planck equations for control and calibration of stochastic models
  • Simulation and optimal design for gas dynamics and CFD systems
  • Mathematics of vision and imaging

Academic projects

Industrial projects

  • Parallel algebraic multigrid methods for multipurpose CFD simulation. (With AVL List GmbH)
  • Modelling of partially-open pipe-ends and connected perforated pipes in gas dynamics systems for engine simulation.  (With AVL List GmbH)
  • Multigrid methods for solving Reynolds lubrication problems. (With AVL List GmbH)
  • CFD Optimal shape design. (With AVL List GmbH)

Collaborative projects

  • Image-Driven Inverse Cardiac Modeling Project (O. Ghattas et al.), Supported by NSF.
  • A computational framework for real-time identification of hazardous events (G. Biros, K. Willcox, et al.) Supported by NSF.
  • Fast Solvers for Computational Problems Arising in Pharmacy, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, and the Environment (C.C. Douglas, U. Langer et al.), Supported by NSF.
  • Real time optimization for data assimilation and control of large scale dynamic simulations (O. Ghattas, G. Biros et al.), Supported by NSF.

Past projects