Utilities and Programs by M. Väth

This page contains some of the programs and utilities which I have written. Some of them are about 20 years old, but others are rather new.

Most of the newer programs and utilities which used to be on this page are now maintained as Git repositories on Github.
Note that even if you do not have git you can download the corresponding tarballs from GitHub by choosing the "Tags" for the required revision.

As a reminder, this page still lists some projects which can now be found in GitHub.

The license for the packages on GitHub is listed in the packages.
For the other packages on this page there is the following ad-hoc license (which I might change for a particular package if you ask me):
You may download and modify these programs for your private use. If you make an interesting modification, I ask you to mail me a copy.
You may also distribute these programs unmodified in any form you like.
If you want to use them in a commercial environment, or if you want to distribute a modified version, please contact me.

Last changes: February 19, 2017

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