Research in Groups (Arbeitsgemeinschaften)

Here you find a list of the research in groups (Arbeitsgemeinschaften) that I supervised together with links to further information. Most of the pages were in german.

Research in Groups at the Julius Maximilian University Würzburg (partially held in german)

SemesterStudent Working Group
Winter term 2018/2019 Research in Groups: Geometry
Summer term 2018 Research in Groups: Operator Algebras
Winter term 2017/2018 Research in Groups: Deformation Quantization (together with Chiara Esposito)
Summer term 2017 Sabatical
Winter term 2016/2017 Research in Groups: *-Representation Theory of *-Algebras
Summmer term 2016 Research in Groups: Lorentz Geometry
Winter term 2015/2016 Research in Groups: Oid-Geometry (together with Chiara Esposito)
Summmer term 2015 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Algebra (together with Chiara Esposito)
Winter term 2014/2015 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Poisson Geometry (together with Chiara Esposito)
Summmer term 2014 Arbeitsgemeinschaft Operatoralgebren (Operator Algebras)

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