Research in Groups: Oid-Geometry

Winter term 2015/2016

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In this Research in Groups we will investigate various recent developments in differential geometry starting from Lie algebroid theory and including generalized geometries like Courant algebroids, generalized complex structures, Dirac structures and their applications in symplectic and Poisson geometry.

The RiG consists of a lecture part once a week during the semester where the basic concepts will be explained. The second component is the block seminar at the end of the semester where the participants will present selected and more specialized topics in a one hour talk. Part of this seminar talk will be the preparation of a small proceeding. The proceedings will be collected, edited, and made available to the participants shortly after the seminar.


This Research in Groups addresses master students in mathematics or in mathematical physics with a reasonable background in differential geometry. Here the lecture notes on differential geometry from the last semesters will be a good starting point.


The following list of references will be discussed in the first meeting. More references will be given individually.



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