Arbeitsgemeinschaft Poisson-Geometry

Winter term 2014/2015

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Preliminary Program

This "Arbeitsgemeinschaft" aims at students in the master programs in Mathematik or in Mathematische Physik with interests in a currently very active topic in differential geometry.

Poisson manifolds are smooth manifolds with the additional structure of a Poisson bracket for the smooth functions. Equivalently, this is the additional datum of a Poisson tensor, an antisymmetric contravariant tensor field satisfing a particular non-linear PDE, the Jacobi identity.

The course consists of essentially two components: first, a lecture where the basic notions of Poisson geometry are explained. The prelimiary program for the lecture component includes the following topics:

The second component will be a seminar by the students on more particular topics. Here we plan to have talks in the area of Poisson-Lie groups and Lie bialgebras.


We expect some good knowledge in differential geometry (manifolds, tensor calculus, vector bundles), and some knowledge in Lie theory (matrix Lie groups and Lie algebras) might be useful.

Introductory literature

The list of references is quite long, everyone should be able to find some favorites in here.

Dates (not yet fixed!)


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