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Mathematics Education

Funding and counseling center

Advice and support center for children with special difficulties in learning mathematics

At the beginning of the school year 2017/2018 , the State Education Office in the district of Würzburg set up a support and counseling center for children with special difficulties in learning mathematics.

The objectives of this funding agency are:

  • supporting children with specific difficulties in mathematics, through targeted and individual process
  • to advise parents whose children have special difficulties in learning maths and to show them the possibilities of an adequate support at their home
  • to assist teachers by discussing funding opportunities and the use of appropriate materials in classroom

Diagnostic interviews with the children take initially place in order to analyze the learning mechanisms as well as the needed supports. Weekly one-to-one support hours (outside the regular teaching time of the child) can be carried out at the University of Würzburg, as long as the capacity of the funding agency has not been exhausted. Depending on the learning level of the child, the focus of the support lies in the following areas: building up a secure understanding of numbers, developing solid basic ideas about the operations, eliminating arithmetic counting by using calculation strategies, understanding the value system, and much more.

Thus, the funding and counseling center provides assistance for addressing learning difficulties in mathematics and should be considered as the first point of contact for parents and teachers.


Carola Schraml

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