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Dynamics and Control

Grushkovska Victoriia, Dr.

Dr. Victoriia Grushkovska

Academic Staff
Professorship at the Chair of Mathematics II
Emil-Fischer-Straße 40
97074 Würzburg
Building: 40 (Mathematik Ost)
Room: 01.015
Portrait Viktoriia Grushkovska

Gradient Flow Approximation for Stabilization and Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments

Project management: Dr. Victoriia Grushkovska

Project period: 2018 - 2020

Funding institution: DFG

Funding sum: 190.600,00 €

Funding code: GR 5293/1-1

Project description

Motion planning for nonlinear control systems is one of the most important problems of mathematical control theory because of its theoretical challenges and many practical applications. Many applied problems are related to dynamic environments, where the locations of targets and obstacles change with time, e.g., when an autonomous vehicle should follow a moving target avoiding collisions with other moving objects. From a theoretical point of view, the complexity of control design for such tasks increases significantly, and many classical methods developed for static environments are no longer applicable.

The goal of this project is to develop a general framework for stabilization and motion planning of nonholonomic systems governed by driftless control-affine systems. The main idea is to guarantee that the motion of the system steers along the approximated gradient flow of a certain potential function. Depending on the approximation method, two types of controls will be constructed: gradient-based and gradient-free. Gradient-based controls may explicitly depend on the derivatives of a potential function and can be used in situations where its analytical expression is known, for example, when complete information on the target and obstacles is available. However, in a variety of practical scenarios an explicit analytical expression of the potential function is partially or completely unknown, for example, when the target trajectory is unknown, or in extremum seeking problems. For such cases, it is planned to construct gradient-free controls.

Team Work Dynamical Systems and Control


Prof. Dr. Sergey Dashkovskiy
Dr. Victoriia Grushkovska

Wednesday,  12:00 - 16:00 (SE40, Mathematik Ost), Hubland Nord


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