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Institute of Mathematics

Corona virus

Current notices and instructions

Here you will find additional and more detailed information of the Institute of Mathematics supplementing the general information and instructions of the University of Würzburg.

Editing status 25-Mar-2020 09:52 Update Information channels for teaching staff

For Students in Mathematics

  • All classroom courses in mathematics have been discontinued since 11-Mar-2020 and until further notice.
  • Whether courses in mathematics are offered in virtual form or are cancelled without substitution will be uniformly communicated in WueStudy in the course details (see in particular the section on additional information).
  • Information in WueStudy will be added step by step in the coming weeks.
  • Registration for courses in WueStudy is used as usual. The registration period for courses in the summer semester usually ends on Fr. 26-Apr-2020. Students who want to register for a course, register for the course as usual and, if necessary, set their group priorities according to their own study plan. This will also give them access to the corresponding WueCampus courses.
  • Scheduling for lectures, exercise groups and seminars will be maintained so that the forthcoming virtual courses can take place at different times and do not overlap.
  • Preparations have begun to use the WueCampus courses for each course in the course schedule more extensively than before.

  • All outstanding examinations in mathematics (including individual oral examinations) will be postponed. Exceptions only apply to final examinations in the Staatsexamen that cannot be postponed. When and how postponed examinations will be held cannot be determined at present.
  • The inspection of examinations already held will be suspended. Exam results will be booked in WueStudy after marking. How the examination can be inspected will be announced at a later time.
  • The currently open exam registration deadlines will continue to run as normal while maintaining the registration period. Students who wish to take an examination should register as usual. The registration for an examination will be valid for the postponed examination.
  • Be aware of the announcement of future exam registration periods. As usual: If you want to take an exam, *you* have to register for it in WueStudy in due time.
  • Ongoing final theses (bachelor and master thesis, schriftliche Hausarbeit in the teaching degree courses) will be continued with the supervisor's support using e-mail, telephone, video conferencing if necessary, but not in personal meetings. A written assignment is to be send by mail to the respective supervisor. For Bachelor and Master theses the examination offices has modified the rules for handing it in, and also the deadlines have been extended. Since the webpage of the examination office is only available in German language, we recommend international students to contact their thesis supervisor to clarify with him or her, how the new regulations affect them.

  • Information channels at JMU level
  • This webpage, short url go.uniwue.de/coronavirus-mathematik
  • Notices for the courses in the course schedule in WueStudy
  • WueCampus circular mail to students in mathematics courses
  • Course specific WueCampus newsletters
  • Passing on information to students of other subjects, who attend mathematics courses in the service, via the respective lecturers
  • Pay attention to your stud-mail mail address, as only this will be used for communication about your studies.

For Teaching Staff in Mathematics

Appointments and communication at the Institute of Mathematics

  • For the protection of staff and students, public access to the Institute of Mathematics is restricted.
  • Use e-mail, telephone and letter post whenever possible.
  • Arrange unavoidable appointments in advance by telephone or e-mail.