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Institute of Mathematics

Corona virus

Current notices and instructions

Here you will find additional and more detailed information of the Institute of Mathematics supplementing the general information and instructions of the University of Würzburg.

Editing status 22-Oct-2020 21:05: Semester start summer semester 2021, update on pandemic-related conditions.

Editing status 22-Oct-2020 21:05: Check in into rooms using the UniNow app.

Editing status 14-Aug-2020 16:20: Information on the start of the semester (winter semester 2020/2021) and on the courses in mathematics

For Students in Mathematics

How to prepare?

  • Provide, if possible, good IT equipment (laptop/PC with camera and microphone, headset, good internet connection, a tablet, a laptop with touch screen or an additional drawing tablet can be helpful to be able to write something quickly and comfortably in virtual meetings).
  • Read the notes below about courses, exams, and information channels.
  • Register for your courses in WueStudy registration will be activated three weeks before the start of the lecture period. Make a targeted choice and estimate your resources correctly.

… especially as freshmen?

  • Take the math pre-course and register early. I is mandatory for all bachelor's degree programs in mathematics and teaching mathematics Gymnasium. It will be offered in the summer semester 2021 in the period 29-Mar-2021 to 08-Apr-2021.
  • Be sure to visit the MINT Day on 09-Apr-2021. Here you will receive all the important info about the start of the semester, event selection, exercise registration, etc.. You can make first contacts for future working groups, get tips from experienced students and will be informed in detail by the subject advisors. Everything is concentrated in one day, which would otherwise have to be painstakingly gathered together.
  • Read the web pages about the MINT pre courses, the MINT Day and take advantage of the MINT pre course registration early on.

Basic information

  • We, the teachers of mathematics, want to enable all of you to continue your studies, even under changing conditions, and take care to ensure the best possible conditions for you.
  • We offer reliable courses that enable you to plan your studies in a meaningful, flexible but also robust way.
  • Our range of courses is rich and of the same high quality as in the times before the pandemic.
  • Of course we see ourselves as responsible for all of you. In this special situation, however, first-year students and students who are new to the Institute require special attention and additional support.

Organizational matters

  • Course registration for lectures, seminars and exercise groups in mathematics is generally done via WueStudy. Lectures with exercises are registered via the corresponding exercises and count for the lecture.
  • The registration in WueStudy is activated three weeks before the start of the lecture period. You can then see when the courses take place, whether they are virtual, whether there are parallel groups in attendance form and when and where they take place.
  • In principle, lectures take place virtually. In the case of exercises with several parallel groups, some can be offered in classroom form if the general pandemic situation permits. You have the choice, i.e. you can specify whether you want to participate in classroom form or not, but you will always have the possibility to participate virtually.
  • There is a WueCampus  course for each course (lectures are supplied by the corresponding exercises). This course contains all important information about the event, especially the access data for virtual meetings and information about the start of the event. By registration in WueStudy you will automatically be accepted into the WueCampus course.
  • Three weeks before the start of the lecture period, the WueCampus course will also provide all mathematics students with a complete overview of the starting dates of all mathematics events. You will be informed about this again by e-mail shortly before activation.

  • Important: Read the information on the organisation of examinations in mathematics right now to ensure that your examination goes smoothly. In this way, you can avoid disadvantages for yourself which could impair your academic success.
  • Pay attention to the announcement of exam registration periods in Mathematics. As always: No exam participation without timely registration in WueStudy.
  • Ongoing final theses (bachelor and master thesis, schriftliche Hausarbeit in the teaching degree courses) will be continued with the supervisor's support using e-mail, telephone, video conferencing if necessary, but not in personal meetings. A written assignment is to be send by mail to the respective supervisor. For Bachelor and Master theses the examination offices has modified the rules for handing it in, and also the deadlines have been extended. Since the webpage of the examination office is only available in German language, we recommend international students to contact their thesis supervisor to clarify with him or her, how the new regulations affect them.

  • Information channels at JMU level
  • This webpage, short url go.uniwue.de/coronavirus-mathematik
  • Notices for the courses in the course schedule in WueStudy
  • WueCampus circular mail to students in mathematics courses
  • Course specific WueCampus newsletters
  • Passing on information to students of other subjects, who attend mathematics courses in the service, via the respective lecturers
  • Pay attention to your stud-mail mail address, as only this will be used for communication about your studies.
  • Information provided by SIA for foreign students

For Teaching Staff in Mathematics

Appointments and communication at the Institute of Mathematics

  • For the protection of staff and students, public access to the Institute of Mathematics is restricted.
  • Use e-mail, telephone and letter post whenever possible.
  • Arrange unavoidable appointments in advance by telephone or e-mail.