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Mathematical Logic


On this page we inform about research events on mathematical logic.

  • Mon, 05.02.2024 at 14:15 Uhr: Katarzyna Kowalik, Julius-Maximilian-Universität, Würzburg

Reverse mathematics of Ramsey-theoretic statements over a weaker base theory

  • Mon, 30.01.2024 at 14:15 Uhr: Rafael Niesser, Technische Universität Darmstadt

Reverse mathematics of a theorem of Laver

  • Mon, 29.01.2024 at 14:15 Uhr: Prof. Dr. Anton Freund, Julius-Maximilian-Universität, Würzburg

Towards a dichotomy result for dilators

  • Mon, 04.12.2023 at 16:15 Uhr: Prof. Dr. Anton Freund, Julius-Maximilian-Universität, Würzburg

Fraissé's conjecture and Towsner's system TLPP

  • Mon, 20.11.2023 at 16:15 Uhr: Nicholas Pischke, Technische Universität, Darmstadt

Proof-theoretically tame approaches to some tameless areas of mathematics

  • Mon, 06.11.2023 at 16:15 Uhr: Patrick Uftring, Julius-Maximilian-Universität, Würzburg

Relative leftmost paths in the Weihrauch lattice

  • Mno, 23.11.2023 at 16:15 Uhr: Davide Manca, Julius-Maximilian-Universität, Würzburg

An order type decomposition of Laver