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    Institute of Mathematics


    In the  library of Mathematics, Campus Hubland Nord, Josef-Martin-Weg 64


    Opening Hours:  Mo-Fr 8.30-18.00   -   map

    Johann Christian Lotter (1856-1936) - a franconian innovative creator of technical drawing tools

    The exposition gives an overview of his life and works with the help of suitable documents from the company Johann Chr. Lotter  from Neustadt an der Aisch. Several developments of his most important ideas are presented, from the patent drawings to the technical instruments.

    The previous exhibition Historical Calculating Machine was supplemented by the topics "Draw" and "Measuring".

    The following is currently installed in the Mathematics Library as a permanent exhibition:
    Drawing, Measuring and Calculating - Mathematical Instruments of the Industrial Age

    Proportional Compass (2018)

    The exhibition gives an overview of historical proportional circles in relation of a slide rule.