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Talk at the Research Kids Wertheim

Coincidence and games while walking
Date: 11/09/2019, 10:30 AM - 05/16/2019, 7:00 PM
Location: Aula beim Bildungszentrum Jahnstraße 10 71263 Weil der Stadt
Organizer: Kinderuni in der Keplerstadt Weil der Stadt e.V.
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Alfio Borzi

On Saturday, 9 November 2019 from 10.30 - 12 noon Prof. Dr. Alfio Borzi from the University of Würzburg will give a lecture on mathematics, specifically on data and chance.

The volunteer education programme 'Forscherkids Wertheim' offers interesting courses and excursions for interested children. Also in the current school half-year the division of the association roof federation Stadtjugendring Wertheim e.V. makes again interesting views and new knowledge for young researchers possible. On Saturday, the 9th November 2019 from 10.30 - 12.00 o'clock Professor Dr. Alfio Borzi of the University of Würzburg will talk about the range of mathematics, concretely about data and coincidences.

The children's university is a cooperation between Forscherkids Wertheim and Stadtbücherei Wertheim. It is aimed at junior students from eight to twelve years of age. more