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    Consulting & Expertise

    Expert Witness

    In the past, Prof. Dr. Fischer has worked as an expert witness in a court case about the early repayment of a mortgage credit. General areas of interest for similar work would be the finance and credit sector (if appropriate, also insurance). See also areas of interest below.


    For corporations or private indviduals. Consulting interests include:

    • Foreign Exchange Risk Management (derivatives, models)
    • Interest Rate Risk (derivatives, models)
    • Risk Measures (VaR, CVaR/Expected Shortfall, moment measures)
    • Cashflow-at-Risk (CfaR)
    • Risk Capital Allocation
    • Income Drawdown
    • Precious Metals (price and risk models, strategy)
    • Systemic Risk under Cross-Ownership

    Consulting for Approximity

    Prof. Dr. Fischer is a consultant for Approximity, a software and consulting company that develops technical software for the finance, insurance and enterprise risk management domain.

    In cooperation with ccfb, Approximity has implemented a leading-edge Foreign Exchange Risk Management tool for a major German car manufacturer.

    Recently, Approximity has developed a precious metals trading strategy for an American investment fund and is maintaining a consulting role.