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UkrMath corresponds to the regular bachelor's degree program in mathematics at the University of Würzburg with the following adaptations:

  • all mathematics modules in Ukrainian during the first phase of the course
  • additional German language courses to acquire the C2 language level (DSH2 exam)
  • modules in German in the second phase of the course, regular bachelor's degree in mathematics at JMU Würzburg
  • measures for the integration of the participating Ukrainian students

first phase of the course in Ukrainian

mandadory modules

  • Precourse
  • Linear Algebra 1+2, Analysis 1+2

UkrMath special

  • introductory event
  • language courses
  • mentorship and integration

 second phase of the course in German

elective modules

  • Pure mathematics
  • Applied mathematics
  • Specialization mathematics
  • Application subject

Bachelor Thesis

Description of the degree course

  • key data of the degree course
  • programm description
  • module catalogue
  • accreditation