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Giovanni Prodi Chair

At the Institute of Mathematics of Würzburg University each semester we award a Giovanni Prodi Chair Professorship to a professor coming from outside of Germany. The idea is to internationalize the teaching and to enrich the academic life of our institute by having the visitor collaborate in research with someone in our institute. We consider it ideal, if, in the aftermath of a visit by a Giovanni Prodi Professor to Würzburg, joint scientific work gets published and/or a student is jointly advised in his/her master or PhD thesis by a Würzburg math professor and the former visiting professor.

Whereas formerly the area of research of the visitor was in the field of non-linear analysis (which explains the name of this visiting position) it is now open to all fields of mathematics. We seek applicants with an excellent track record in research and experience in teaching (see Application). We in the Institute of mathematics at Würzburg University offer a broad scientific spectrum and an openness to new ideas. The future visiting professor will enjoy the historic university town with its southern German "joie de vivre".


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