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Giovanni Prodi Visiting Professor Summer Term 2012

* Chun Liu (Department of Mathematics, Penn State University) is one of the leading specialists in partial differential equations and calculus of variations with applications to complex fluids.

He received his PhD in 1995 at the renowned Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences in New York, did his postdoctoral work in Carnegie Mellon University (PA) and held faculty positions in University of Georgia (GA), University of Minnesota (MN). He is a faculty member in Penn State University (PA) since 1998. He published Lecture Notes on variational approaches in complex fluids, and about 80 research papers.

As a visting professor and lecturer he was invited to many universities in the US, China, Taiwan, Spain, Canada, and the UK. Before covering the Giovanni Prodi Chair in Würzburg, he will also be a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo in 2012.

During the summer term 2012, Professor Liu will give a regular course (with exercises) on Partial Differential Equations and Complex Fluids, as well as a seminar on Variational Methods in Fluid Dynamics (s. http// The classes will be taught in English. In view of the interdisciplinary character of Professor Liu's interests, all classes are addressed equally to mathematicians and physicists (Master Program).


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