Statistical Analysis

    08 043700 · Statistical Analysis

    • Dozent: M. Falk 

    • Ort und Zeit: Mi 16-18, Fr 12-14, S0.103

    • Beginn: Mi 15.10.2019

    • Vorkenntnisse: Stochastik I, II 

    Content: This is a continuation of the course Stochastik II. It links up the theory of a selection of statistical procedures  used in general practice with their application to real world data sets. This course will be given in English.


    • Categorical Data Analysis
    • Analysis of Variance
    • Discriminant Analysis
    • Principal Components Analysis, Factor Analysis

    Falk, M., Marohn, F. and Tewes, B. (2002): Foundations of Statistical Analyses and Applications with SAS. Birkhäuser, Basel.
    Rice, J.A. (1995): Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis. 2nd ed., Duxbury Press, Belmont.

    A script: will be made available to the participants of the course.

    Examinations: Oral examinations will be organized about the end of the course.