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    Institut für Mathematik

    Welcome and Preparation Programme

    Prepare yourself for your master studies.

    • Fresh up your Math.
    • Get to know the Institute of Mathematics.
    • Learn about rules, study and exam regulations, registration and enrolment for your master degree programme.
    • Compose your study plan.
    • Practice our IT infrastructure (JMU student account, WueStudy, WueCampus)
    • Meet you mentor.

    To support you with the above we offer

    • a compact course in the week before the lecturing period starts,
    • a mentoring programm for your first semester.

    Compact Course Summer 2022

    • Course starts: Tu 19 Apr 2022, 10:00
    • Course ends: Fr 22 Apr 2022
    • Location: Registered participants receive further information by e-mail.
    • How to register: Send an e-mail to mim@mathematik.uni-wuerzburg.de

    Topics covered

    • Revision of bachelor knowledge and skills in mathematics.
    • Introduction to IT infrastructure.

    Recommended Literature

    To prepare your master studies and to get an idea about our expectations we recommend to consult the following books.

    • Lang: Undergraduate Algebra, 3rd ed. 2005 Springer
    • Artin: Algebra, Birkhäuser

    • Lars Ahlfors: Complex Analysis, 3rd ed. 1979 McGraw
    • Don Marshall: Complex Analysis, Cambridge Univ. Press 2019
    • Barry Simon: Basic Complex Analysis, AMS 2015

    • Strang: Introduction to Linear Algebra, SIAM 5th ed. 2016
    • Lang: Linear Algebra, 3rd ed. Springer 2004

    • Hirsch, Smale, Devaney: Differential Equations & Dynamical Systems, 2nd ed. 2004 Elsevier

    • Stoer, Bulirsch: Introduction to Numerical Analysis, 2002 Springer
    • Nocedal, Wright: Numerical Optimization, Springer

    • Rudin: Principles of Mathematical Analysis, McGraw-Hill 1976 3rd ed
    • Loomis, Sternberg: Advanced Calculus, Addison Wesley 1980
    • Amann, Escher: Analysis 1-3 (in English), Birkhäuser

    • Patrick Billingsley: Probability and Measure, Wiley