"The Joint Über-Seminar:" discussion of research topics for young mathematicians and physicists

What is it about?

During the semester, Dr. Chiara Esposito is offering this (hopefully) lively discussion group, where everyone from the Master's to the Postdoc level can discuss their own work or other interesting topics.

We aim for an in-depth discussion of research problems, of the current solutions and their strong and weak points. The seminar, where we meet with junior colleagues, will offer an adequate environment for this. Don't be afraid, join us if you like! Everybody is welcome to give a talk - please get yourself a slot by writing us an e-mail or talking to us.

For further information, please contact Chiara Esposito. And see also the "formal seminar announcement" below.

When/where do we meet?

Usually once every three weeks, Tuesday 14:00h-16:00h in the seminar room SE 40.00.001 (Campus Hubland Nord, Mathe Ost).

Current semester:

November 21, 2017 Oliver Wehlmann Why maths are desperately needed when playing music

Past dates (anti-chronological):

January 17, 2017 Prof. Michael Forger The algebraic model for the genetic code
November 29, 2016 Sebastian Schleissinger The Loewner Equation and Monotone Probability Theory
October 25, 2016 Matthias Schoetz Geometric Algebra and Geometric Calculus A unified language for mathematics and physics?
June 30, 2016 Prof. Martin KruzikLower semicontinuity of integral functionals.
June 16, 2016 Barbora BenesovaPhysically acceptable deformations in elasticity: a journey from continuum mechanics to pure math open problems
May 19, 2016 Marc TechnauIterating number-theoretic functions for fun and no profit whatsoever.
January 26, 2015 Christian SturmPrecision calculations with Feynman diagrams and physical applications.
November 10, 2015 Prof. Christian KlingenbergAn introduction to hyperbolic systems of conservation laws.
October 14, 2015 (SE 31.00.009)Paul StaporConvergence of the Gutt Star Product.
July 20, 2015Thorsten ReichertTheory of things and stuff.
July 3, 2015Daniel PohlHyperbolic geometry in complex analysis.
June 12, 2015Benjamin BodeConstructing Knotted Fields.
May 22, 2015Louis TheranDegrees of freedom in frameworks from counting.
Dec 16, 2014 (SE 30.01.007)Jurgen StruckmeierCovariant canonical field theory, General Relativity as an extended canonical gauge theory.
Nov 28, 2014Niek de Kleijn     Symplectic group actions on formal deformation quantization.
Nov 7, 2014Fedele Lizzi     LHC*: Connes' noncommutative geometry, the standard model of particle physics and the mass of the Higgs.
July 15, 2014Federico M. Petrucci     Plato's Auctoritas in ancient astronomical texts
July 1, 2014Sebastian Schleissinger     Introduction to Stochastic Loewner Evolution
May 20, 2014Gabriele Ciaramella     A Disney introduction to quantum control and deformation quantization
Apr 29, 2014Stephan HachingerRadiative transfer in supernovae.
Apr 15, 2014Chiara EspositoDeformation quantization: from physical motivation to crazy pure math.
OrganisersShort introduction to the seminar (15min, before talk).

And here the formal seminar announcement:

"The Joint Über-Seminar" is aimed at creating a nice interdisciplinary environment for young scientists (master's and PhD students, postdocs) that stimulates an in-depth discussion of own (or other) research topics. The speaker may use the meeting to his liking; however we propose the following standard procedure: initially, the speaker will give a basic introduction to his research topic (45-60 min) for people who are not in the field. Open questions and basic challenges of the work should be brought out openly. This will be followed by a 30 min coffee break, after which we will have a discussion in order to stimulate research ideas and find new directions; this part is expected to be moderated by the speaker (45-60 min). By construction, the seminar shall provide an "alternative model" to the competition-based mode of thinking and promoting ideas often seen in contemporary science. In order to protect this idea, destructive attacks ("Your group has been doing this wrong for 20 years!") or spying at colleagues ("Can you explain this to me 'cause I want to submit a letter on it tomorrow?") will not be tolerated. Apart from these constraints, we very much invite every young researcher to attend and/or give a talk. Applications for talks should be directed to the organiser Chiara Esposito.