Prof. Dr. Daniel Wachsmuth

Optimale Steuerung

Recent publications

  • A Lagrange multiplier method for semilinear elliptic state constrained optimal control problems
    V. Karl, I. Neitzel, D. Wachsmuth
    arXiv:1806.08124. (2018)
  • Optimal control of ODEs with state suprema
    T. Geiger, D. Wachsmuth, G. Wachsmuth
    arXiv:1810.11402. (2018)
  • Optimal control of an evolution equation with non-smooth dissipation
    T. Geiger, D. Wachsmuth
    arXiv:1801.04077. (2018)
  • Subgradients of marginal functions in parametric control problems of partial differential equations
    N.T. Qui, D. Wachsmuth
    arXiv:1807.05831. (2018)
  • Full stability for a class of control problems of semilinear elliptic partial differential equations
    N.T. Qui, D. Wachsmuth
    arXiv:1710.07488. (2017)
  • The multiplier-penalty method for generalized Nash equilibrium problems in Banach spaces
    C. Kanzow, V. Karl, D. Steck, D. Wachsmuth
    Preprint SPP1962-028. (2017)

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