Here you find a list of lectures that I gave at various places sometimes together with links to further information. Most of the lectures were in german.

Lectures at the Julius Maximilian University Würzburg (held in german or english)

Winter term 2018/2019 Differential Geometry
Summer term 2018 Analysis and Geometry of Classical Systems
Winter term 2017/2018 Algebra and Dynamics of Quantum Systems
Topologie (Topology)
Summer term 2017 Sabatical
Winter term 2016/2017 Differential Geometry
Summer term 2016 Lineare Algebra II (Linear Algebra II)
Winter term 2015/2016 Lineare Algebra I (Linear Algebra I)
Summmer term 2015 Geometrische Mechanik (Geometric Mechanics)
Winter term 2014/2015 Differentialgeometrie (Differential Geometry)
Summmer term 2014 Analysis und Geometrie von klassischen Systemen (Analysis and geometry of classical systems)
Winter term 2013/2014 Algebra und Dynamik von Quantensystemen (Algebra and dynamics of quantum systems)

Lectures at the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (held in german)

Summer term 2013 Lineare Algebra II (Linear algebra II)
Winter term 2012/2013 Lineare Algebra I (Linear algebra I)
Summer term 2012 Topologie (Topology)
Darstellungstheorie von *-Algebren (Representation theory of *-algebras)

Lectures at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Winter term 2011/2012 Symplectic Geometry

Lectures at the Albert Ludwig University Freiburg (held in german)

Winter term 2010/2011 Darstellungstheorie von Observablenalgebren (Representation Theory of Observable Algebras)
Summer term 2010 Operatoralgebraische Methoden der Quantenmechanik II (Operator-algebraic Methods in Quantum Mechanics II)
Winter term 2009/2010 Operatoralgebraische Methoden der Quantenmechanik I (Operator-algebraic Methods in Quantum Mechanics I)
Summer term 2009 Wellengleichungen auf Raumzeiten II (Wave Equations on Spacetimes II)
Winter term 2008/2009 Wellengleichungen auf Raumzeiten I (Wave Equations on Spacetimes I)
Summer term 2008 Deformationsquantisierung und Darstellungstheorie II (Deformation Quantization and Representation Theory II)
Mathematische Methoden der klassischen Feldtheorie (Mathematical Methods in Classical Field Theory)
Winter term 2007/2008 Deformationsquantisierung und Darstellungstheorie I (Deformation Quantization and Representation Theory I)
Summer term 2007 Einführung in die Deformationsquantisierung (Introduction to Deformation Quantization)
Winter term 2006/2007 Von der Geometrischen Mechanik zur Poisson-Geometrie (From Geometric Mechanics to Poisson Geometry)
Summer term 2006 Symmetriekonzepte in der Physik (Symmetry Concepts in Physics)
Summer term 2005 Operatoralgebraische Methoden in der Quantenmechanik II (Operator-algebraic Methods in Quantum Mechanics II)
Winter term 2004/2005 Operatoralgebraische Methoden in der Quantenmechanik I (Operator-algebraic Methods in Quantum Mechanics I)
Summer term 2004 Poisson Geometrie und Deformationsquantisierung II (Poisson Geometry and Deformation Quantization II)
Winter term 2003/2004 Poisson Geometrie und Deformationsquantisierung I (Poisson Geometry and Deformation Quantization I)

Lectures at the University Frankfurt (held in german)

Wintersemester 2005/2006 Mathematik III (Mathematics III)

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