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  • Autumn School 2019
  • Autumn School 2019
  • Fall School 2019


Since the School will be financed by the Volkswagen Foundation and since we have limited amount of funding we expect all participants to stay for the entire School.

  • The participants' arrival is recommended on Sunday, October 6.
  • The lectures will start on Monday morning, October 7.
  • The last lecture will be on Friday, October 11, in the later afternoon followed by a dinner.
  • The departure will be on Saturday, October 12.
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.30 Gutt Marcut Lechner Gutt Marcut
9.30 Arici Tsygan Arici Margut Gutt
10.30 Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee
11.00 Tsygan Lechner Tsygan Arici Gutt
12.00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13.30 Poster I Poster II Marcut Poster III Tsygan
15.00 Marcut Gutt Sight seeing Lechner Arici
16.00 Coffee Coffee   Coffee Coffee
16.30 Lechner Arici   Tsygan Lechner
18.00 Beer&Pretzels Dinner Conference Dinner Dinner Dinner
19.30   Plenary Discussion   Plenary Discussion  

A more detailed schedule can be downloaded here.

Poster contributions

We have several poster contributions from the participants. A detailed book of abstracts can downloaded here.

Name Titel
Alfonso Tortorella Homogeneous $G$-structures
Anastasia Matveeva Quasi-Hamiltonian Spaces and Complexification
Andreas Kraft Reduction of Equivariant Polyvector Fields and Ideas for Polydifferential Operators
Axel Tiger Norkvist Real Calculus Homomorphisms and Minimal Embeddings of Noncommutative Manifolds
Camilo Andres Angulo Santacruz Compactness in Jacobi Geometry
Charlotte Kirchhoff-Lukat Submanifolds in stable generalized complex geometry
Cristian Cárdenas Rigidity of Lie groupoid morphisms from a cohomological perspective
Dan Agüero Real index one Dirac structures
Giovanni Canepa BV-BFV description of General Relativity in three dimensions
Grigorios Giotopoulos $L_{\infty}$ algebra of Einstein-Cartan-Palatini gravity and its braided non-commutative deformation
Jan Pulmann Quantization of Poisson Hopf algebras and beyond
Jill Ecker The Low-Dimensional Algebraic Cohomology of the Witt and the Virasoro Algebra
Joao Mestre Deformations of symplectic groupoids
Joaquim Brugues Towards a Floer homology for singular symplectic manifolds
Jonas Schnitzer Existence and Classification of Quantum Moment Maps via Formality
Kwalombota Ilwale On $q$-deformed Levi-Civita connections
Lorant Szegedy Two-dimensional Yang-Mills theory and its deformations
Lory Aintablian-Kadiyan Deformation theory of Lie groupoids and differentiable stacks
Mahdi Hamdan Morita Theory for Locally Convex Algebras
Marko Zivkovic Graph complexes
Marvin Dippell Generalized Coisotropic Reduction
Matthias Schötz Gelfand - Naimark Theorems for Ordered $^*$-Algebras
Miquel Cueca The Cohomology of Courant Algebroids and their Characteristic Classes
Philipp Schmitt Strict quantization of coadjoint orbits
Pier Paolo La Pastina Deformations of Vector Bundles over Lie Groupoids
Samuel Crawford A Globally Hyperbolic Derivation of the Virasoro Algebra
Sylvain Lavau Deformations of Singular Foliations
Tey Berendschot Spectral approximation of the torus
Thomas Weber Braided Cartan Calculi and Submanifold Algebras
Vincenzo Emilio Marotta Generalised T-duality and para-Hermitian Manifolds


The Institute of Mathematics is located in the new Campus Hubland Nord. Lectures will take place in the nearby

Helmut-Pabel Lecture Hall
Gebäude 64, Hubland Nord
Josef-Martin-Weg 64, 97074 Würzburg

You can find more information on how to reach the lecture hall  here.