Würzburg Mathematics Center for Collaboration and Interaction


What makes mathematics fascinating almost always remains hidden in everyday life. With its outreach program wümax, the WMCCI wants to help ensure that people for whom mathematics can be fulfilling are given the opportunity to experience this early on in school and support them on their path to mathematics.

offers suitable measures for different age groups:

  • The  wümax Mathe-Zirkel is aimed at pupils in grades 5 to 8 who enjoy solving puzzles.
  • At the wümax Mathe-Seminar, students in grades 9 and 10 get exciting insights into university mathematics for four days and learn that mathematics is mainly done together.
  • Prospective students from year 11 onwards can immerse themselves in math studies for a week at the wümax Mathe-Camp and get to know different areas of mathematical research.

The WMCCI not only supports the implementation of these measures financially, but also finances a scientific position for the conception, planning and implementation of the projects within the framework of wümax.

wümax thus offers a valuable addition to the already established outreach projects at the Institute of Mathematics at JMU, which aims to develop a good base of mathematics students through coordinated and sustainable measures.