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Financial Mathematics


Prof. Dr. Tom Fischer is teaching the following modules. Typically, the lectures are attended by students of the mathematics for economics (Wirtschaftsmathematik) or mathematics courses. For German language descriptors of the modules, use the navigation panel to the left. Contact me if you need English translations.

  • Introduction to Stochastic Financial Mathematics (Bachelor)
  • Selected Topics in Financial Mathematics (Master)
  • Insurance Mathematics 1 (Master)
  • Insurance Mathematics 2 (Master)
  • Seminar Financial and Actuarial Mathematics (Master)

Current Semester (Summer Semester 2024)

Prof. Dr. Tom Fischer

Wednesday, 12 - 2 PM (HS 4)
Thursday, 10 - 12 AM (HS 4)
(four-hour lecture)

Prof. Dr. Tom Fischer

Monday, 10 - 12 AM (S0.106)
Tuesday, 12 - 2 PM (S0.101)
(two-hour exercise in groups)