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Intelligent MR-Diagnostics of the Liver by Linking Model and Data-driven Processes


Workshop Program

11:00–12:00 Registration  
12:00–12:20 Welcome  
12:20–13:00 Decomposing Neural Networks - Multilevel and Domain Decomposition Strategies for Training (Rolf Krause)  
13:00–14:00 Lunch  
14:00–14:40 Artificial Neural Networks as Complex Networks (Giuseppe Nicosia)  
14:40–15:20 Data driven Segmentation of Liver and Lesions using deep learning method (Zijin Yang)  
15:20–15:50 Coffee Break  
15:50–16:30 Retrospective Motion Estimation in MRI using Deep CNNs (Mathias Feinler)  
19:00 Social Dinner (not included in the fee)  

09:20–10:00 Computational methods for the inverse problem of MRI reconstruction: From basic concepts to clinical translation (Florian Knoll)  
10:00–10:40 An optimal control based supervised learning algorithm for training Runge-Kutta structured neural networks (Sebastian Hofmann)  
10:40–11:10 Coffee Break  
11:10–11:50 Probabilistic Numerics for Scientific Machine Learning (Jonathan Wenger)  
11:50–12:30 Preconditioning for gradient methods applied to supervised learning (Nadja Vater)  
12:30–13:30 Lunch  
13:30–14:10 ML-Anwendungen in der klinischen Radiologie (Julius Heidenreich)  
14:10–14:50 Some applications of Variational Networks in clinical magnetic resonance imaging (Jonas Kleineisel)  
14:50–15:20 Coffee Break  
15:20–16:00 Gradient methods for optimization and games in machine learning (Alfio Borzì)  

09:20–10:00 Multimodal AI and Interpretability (Markus Ankenbrand)  
10:00–10:40 Applications of Machine Learning in MRI: The industry perspective (André Fischer)  
10:40–11:10 Coffee Break  
11:10-11:50 The rise of AI for MRI – A journey through the past 8 years (Kerstin Hammernik)  
11:50-12:00 Closing remarks (Alfio Borzì)  
12:00-13:00 Lunch  


The Institute of Mathematics is located in the new Campus Hubland Nord.
Lectures will take place in

Seminar room 41.00.006
Institute of Mathematics
University of Würzburg
Emil-Fischer-Str. 41
97074 Würzburg, Germany

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