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  • Human sceleton (computed tomographic display)
Intelligent MR-Diagnostics of the Liver by Linking Model and Data-driven Processes

The Project

Project Description:
The project examines the use and further development of machine learning methods for MR image reconstruction and for the classification of liver lesions.
Based on a comparison model and data-driven image reconstruction methods, these are to be systematically linked in order to enable high acceleration without sacrificing diagnostic value. In addition to the design of suitable networks, research should also be carried out to determine whether metadata (e.g. age of the patient) can be incorporated into the reconstruction. Furthermore, suitable classification algorithms on an image basis are to be developed and the potential of direct classification on the raw data is to be explored. In the long term, intelligent MR diagnostics can significantly increase the efficiency of use of MR hardware, guarantee better patient care and set new impulses in medical technology.

Project period: 04.2020 - 03.2023
Funding institution: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Funding amount: 900,000.00 €
Granting date: 01.2020
Funding number: 05M2020