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Math in the Mill 2022

Annual ChairX Workshop
Datum: 12.09.2022, 12:00 - 15.09.2022, 12:00 Uhr
Kategorie: Allgemeine Kategorien, Veranstaltung, Workshop
Veranstalter: Lehrstuhl für Mathematik X (Mathematische Physik)

Annual ChairX Workshop

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Logo Mathematische Physik (Bild: Stefan Waldmann)

The fourth installment of the annual "Math in the Mill"-workshop will take place from 12.09.-15.09.22 at the Bahramühle in Sondheim vor der Rhön. The workshop consists of contributed talks as well as more casual evening talks.


Name Affiliation Talk
Thomas Bendokat (MPI Magdeburg) Application of Differential Geometry to Numerical
Model Order Reduction of Hamiltonian Systems
Paul Beyer (University of Würzburg)  
Marvin Dippell (University of Würzburg)  
Chiara Esposito (Università di Salerno)  
Matthias Frerichs (University of Würzburg) Grothendieck Rings of Grothendieck-Verdier Categories
Gregor Schaumann (University of Würzburg) A-infinity in algebra and geometry
Benedikt Hurle (Chern Institue of Mathematics)  
Knut Hüper (University of Würzburg)  
David Kern (University of Göttingen) Graded Geometry and Reduction
Andreas Kraft (IMPAN)  
Kian Tadjalli Mehr    
Kevin Ruck (Universität Augsburg) Floer Homology and Powered Flybys
Markus Schlarb (University of Würzburg)  
Philipp Schmitt (University of Hannover) Algebraic Index Theorem
Jonas Schnitzer (University of Freiburg) Weak Dual Pairs in (Dirac-)Jacobi Geometry
Matthias Schötz (IMPAN) Archimedean Positivstellensatz for su2
Andreas Schüßler (Radboud University Nijmegen) Blow-ups of Lie algebroids
Luca Umminger (University of Würzburg)  
Christiaan van de Ven (University of Würzburg) Symmetry breaking in Nature versus Theory
Stefan Waldmann (University of Würzburg)  
Thomas Weber (University of Turin) Quantum principal bundles and Hopf-Galois extensions


The list of abstracts can be found here.


  Monday, 12.09. Tuesday, 13.09. Wednesday, 14.09. Thursday, 15.09.
8:00 -
  Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
09:00 -
  Talks Talks Clean up & Departure
12:00 -
Arrival Lunch Lunch  
14:00 -
Talks Talks Excursion  
16:00 -
Talks Talks Free Afternoon  
18:00 -
Dinner Dinner Dinner  

You can find the full program here.


Organizers: Marvin Dippell, Knut Hüper Stefan Waldmann