Mathematische Physik

Oberseminar Geometrie: ``Courant-Nijenhuis algebroids'' by Thiago Drummond (Rio de Janeiro)

Courant-Nijenhuis algebroids
Datum: 01.06.2022, 14:15 - 15:15 Uhr
Kategorie: Veranstaltung
Vortragende: Thiago Drummond (Rio de Janeiro)

Abstract: In this talk, we plan to study Nijenhuis operators in the total space of Courant algebroids which satisfy some compatibility conditions with both the Courant algebroid structure and the linear structure. Examples of Courant-Nijenhuis algebroids arise in Poisson-Nijenhuis geometry, Kähler geometry (surprisingly) and in the study of holomorphic Courant algebroids in general. Our approach to define these compatibility conditions will be via some infinitesimal data characterizing such operators in an analogous way to the correspondence between linear vector fields and derivations on vector bundles.