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Komplexe Analysis

Kraus, Daniela, PD Dr.

PD Dr. Daniela Kraus

Lehrstuhl für Mathematik IV
Emil-Fischer-Straße 40
97074 Würzburg
Gebäude: 40 (Mathematik Ost)
Raum: 02.008
Telefon: +49 931 31-85028


Sprechstunde: nach Vereinbarung







  • Weighted distortion in conformal mapping in euclidean, hyperbolic and elliptic geometry
    (with Oliver Roth)
    Ann. Acad. Sci. Fenn. Math. 31, 111-130, 2006.


  • A boundary version of Ahlfors' Lemma, locally complete conformal metrics and conformally invariant reflection principles for analytic maps
    (with Oliver Roth and Stephan Ruscheweyh)
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  • Critical points of inner functions, nonlinear partial differential equations, and an extension of Liouville's theorem
    (with Oliver Roth)
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  • The behaviour of solutions of the Gaussian curvature equation near an isolated boundary point
    (with Oliver Roth)
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  • Beurling's free boundary value problem in conformal geometry
    (with Florian Bauer, Oliver Roth and Elias Wegert)
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  • On the isolated singularities of the solutions of the Gaussian curvature equation for nonnegative curvature
    (with Oliver Roth)
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  • Conformal Metrics
    (with Oliver Roth)
    to appear Lecture Notes Ramanujan Math. Society
    see arXiv:0805.2235


  • Metrics with conical singularities on the sphere and sharp extensions of the theorems of Landau and Schottky
    (with Oliver Roth and Toshiyuki Sugawa)
    Math. Z. 267 No. 3-4, 851-868, 2011.


  • On Beurling's boundary value problem in Circle Packing
    (with Oliver Roth and Elias Wegert)
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  • Critical sets of bounded analytic functions, zero sets of Bergman spaces and nonpositive curvature
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  • Critical points, the Gauss curvature equation and Blaschke products
    (with Oliver Roth)
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  • Maximal Blaschke products
    (with Oliver Roth)
    Adv. Math. 241, 58-78, 2013.


  • Composition and decomposition of indestructible Blaschke products
    (with Oliver Roth)
    to appear Computational Methods and Function Theory