The XXIII Symposium on Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics (STAMM)

The symposium under the direction of Prof. Dr. Anja Schlömerkemper will take place from 03-05 April 2024 at the Graduate School of Life Sciences of the JMU.

The following registration form is available for participation.

For more information, please visit the STAMM 2024 website.

Prof. Bianca Stroffolini takes over the Prodiprofessorship for the summer semester 2024

Bianca Stroffolini has been Associate Professor of Mathematical Analysis at the University of Naples Federico II since 2000.

She works on partial differential equations, which are often motivated by materials science. One example is harmonic maps between manifolds and various generalisations thereof.

You can find more information on the Prodiprofessorship website.

Welcome to Spring School 2024 from 08-12 April 2024

This spring school aims to provide a forum to highlight some recent mathematical theories, that address several analytical challenges of complex materials with microstructure, such as nematic liquid crystals, colloids, electronic structures and elastomers.

Registration is still open until 19 February.

You can find more information on the Spring School 2024 website.


Prof Apala Majumdar conducts research at JMU on the topic of "Mathematics for new materials"

Apala Majumdar is an expert in the mathematics of materials. Having received a Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award from the Humboldt Foundation, she will now pursue her research at the University of Würzburg. Find out more in the JMU news magazine einBLICK.