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Institute of Mathematics

Giovanni Prodi Chair

A Giovanni Prodi professorship is awarded to a professor from abroad each semester, at the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Würzburg.

This position both internationalizes the didactics as well as enriches the academic life through scientific cooperation with members of our institute.

In particular, we seek for applicants that are eager to collaborate for the development of outstanding scientific work s as well as to jointly supervise Master's students and Ph.D.

The field of research of the Giovanni Prodi professorship was localized at the beginning around the topics of nonlinear analysis, which explains the origin of this professorship title. We have now opened this position to all areas of mathematical research.

We seek for applicants with a very good research and teaching profile (see Application). Furthermore, the Institute of Mathematics of the University of Würzburg offers a broad scientific spectrum and we welcome new impulses both in teaching and in research.