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Institute of Mathematics

What we care about

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The Institute of Mathematics is highly involved in its broad spectrum of excellent research:

Publications in best journals are just an example of our commitment, as well as the memberships in various major editorial boards and the recognition of international awards and prizes.

Furthermore, the new Humboldt Professorship emphasizes the highest standards in Research of the Institute of Mathematics.

In addition to research, the Institute of Mathematics also offers to any program a variety of awards as well as an innovative teaching, an aspect which is constantly subject to a quality control.

In the Bachelor Study, the Institute of Mathematics is characterized by its careful student support (including the JIM  program). Moreover, the Master Study  implements the student professional development within specific formats such as working group and research-related topics.

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The wide variety of mathematical research at the Institute of Mathematics is reflected by its high commitment to interdisciplinarity:

Research at the Institute of Mathematics is devoted to a wide range of aspects, from very theoretical areas to concrete applications. The continuous interconnections between Mathematics and Economics, Physics, Medicine, etc., not only offer explicit applications for our mathematical program, but also new impulses and stimuli for collaborative mathematical research.

This attitude is reflected also in our teaching commitment. Indeed, our interdisciplinarity is highly extended to courses of Mathematical Physics and  Mathematical Data Science as well as to our Teaching Degree, which is characterized by a complete and exhaustive view of the several mathematical aspects.

Diversity & Equality

Diversity and equality are a basic requirement for a cosmopolitan modern university. The Department of Mathematics also understands diversity and equal opportunities as a great value for teaching and research.

Mathematics is not only an independent subject, but also a relevant tool for the natural sciences and several humanities. It is therefore a key for modern society and, accordingly, current and prospective mathematicians play a responsible role as multipliers.

The following websites offer a wealth of information on this topic at the department, the faculty, our university, as well as in the global context:

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In accordance with its mission statement, Julius Maximilian University assumes social responsibility in its commitment to fundamental democratic rights, humanitarian goals and, last but not least, the sustainable use of resources.

In this context, sustainability is a guiding principle for social, ecological and economic action that ensures comparable or even better living conditions for present and future generations while protecting resources, goods and values in the long term.

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