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Institute of Mathematics

Studying Abroad

Are you interested in studying abroad?

Spending a semester or even a whole year abroad during your studies in Mathematics is certainly a valuable asset! The experience of teaching, learning and living in another country is surely of paramount importance. However, your staying abroad must be well prepared, since there are some bureaucratic and financial processes to overcome. You can quickly find here the main information about these procedures.

You should first ask for an appointment with the Service Centre International Affairs of the University of Würzburg. The Service Centre International Affairs is the primary department of the central administration for the coordination and implementation of foreign relations of the University of Würzburg. It informs and advises local students who are planning to stay abroad, as well as it supports applications for foreign scholarships.

On the website of the Service Centre International Affairs you will find various information about studying abroad: preparations, exchange programs, financial support (e.g. Auslands-Bafög) and internship. It also provides useful addresses for the logistic and it can assist you during the translation process. For additional information look to their info brochure (May 2018)

The Erasmus program coordinators of Mathematics are Dr. Jens Jordan and Prof. Dr. Jörn Steuding and they have summarized addition information on this webpage.

You will find all the necessary information about exchange programs on this page from the Economics Department.  The contact persons are Michaela Briglmeir and Prof. Dr. Hans Fehr.

Tip for students of Mathematical Economics:  maybe your staying abroad can be combined with your internship! Some suggestions for this are provided by the International Office on this page.

The information of physics is collected on this page.

In addition to the Erasmus program, there are also other opportunities to travel abroad, for example through scholarships from the DAAD. These scholarships are of particular attention for students interested to visit non-European countries. Please, be in touch with the responsible of the Examination Committee or the Academic Advising, about which courses from the foreign catalog can transfer credits at the University of Würzburg.