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Institute of Mathematics


Project days in Mathematics

For students who wants to tackle a real math problem and solve it together. (Jgst. 10-11)

Early study of mathematics

For particularly gifted and motivated students: attend regular maths lectures before graduation. (Jgst. 10-12, u.U. Jgst. 9)

Mathematical Olympiad

We are Olympic base: In our country, the Bavarian round of the German Mathematical Olympiad is held in Würzburg (Ygst. 5-6 or 7-12)

Offers in consultation with the school

Action "Mathematicians visit your school", visit to the mathematics lab, ...

Uni day

doing a Uni-day special course in mathematics,  for one semester on Friday, at the university instead at the school (Jgst 11, u.U. Jgst. 10).


Emil's research camp

For elementary school students who want to explore mathematics. (Jgst. 2-4)