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    Double Degree


    A double degree is always well considered. In general, it is tipical to start with a first degree program and secondly to select a new one, once gather the required knowledge and skills It is advisible that you consider a double degree program for the beginning of your sudies, ony if you are confident about your performances .

    We suggest to consult the Course Advisors to discuss about the two considered study programs. In addition, one should always set a priority and specify which program should be reduced or canceled, in case of doubts.


    Double degree must be required during the enrollment. In this contest, a brief written explanation of the main motivations and reasons for being elected must be provided. The University of Würzburg cannot guarantee non-overlapping lectures, in case of a double degree. The application requires special permission and a special preparation, if one of the programs of the double degree is subject to a restricted enrollment.

    Interesting Combinations

    It follows a subject list of possible combinations for a double degree.

    • Bachelor of Mathematics and Teaching Degree for “Gymnasien”
    • Bachelor of Mathematical Physics and Bachelor of Mathematics
    • Bachelor of Mathematical Physics and Bachelor of Physics
    • Bachelor of Mathematical Economics and Bachelor of Mathematics
    • Bachelor of Mathematics and Bachelor of Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Computer Science, Philosophy, Physics or Economics


    The transfer of modules acquired from a degree program into another one automatically leads to a classification into a higher subject semester. Note the details that are mentioned in the Recognition of Service.