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Institute of Mathematics

Lukas B., Consultant at the consulting firm Finbridge GmbH & Co. KG

After my bachelor's degree in business mathematics, I wanted to work for a few years before starting a master's degree. I liked my internship at a bank so much that I then started working as a consultant at the management consultancy Finbridge GmbH & Co. KG.

Finbridge advises banks in the areas of risk management, treasury, accounting, regulatory reporting and IT, among others. I am currently assigned to an IT project in which a major bank wants to introduce a new loan software.

As a consultant, I support the bank in connecting the accounting and treasury systems to the new software. Specifically, this involves designing interfaces between the source data structure from the loan system and the data structure of the corresponding target system. This requires understanding both the target system and the source system. Studying mathematics helps me develop logics that link the two systems. Even though no higher mathematics is involved, my work requires me to solve complex problems that require a similar approach as in mathematics. This includes writing down my work results in a way that a programmer can implement them.