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    Beginning of Studies

    Hints for the beginning of your studies

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    Mathematics - a good start. You should not miss the pre-courses before the beginning of the studies.

    In all bachelor's degree courses in Mathematics and in the teaching degree Gymnasium for Mathematics , the pre-course in Mathematics is even compulsory. Depending on the course of study/application subject/second subject, a second pre-course is recommended.

    Start free - Study, I am coming! But when should I go to lesson and to which one?

    In the pre-courses, but above all at the First Semester Day Mathematics at the end of the pre-courses shortly before the start of lectures, there is a wealth of information: Timetable creation, class schedule, lecture allocation, lots of insider tips, even on the application or second subject. First-hand information from the course advisors in Mathematics and from the student councils (from students for students).

    Problems with exercises? Questions about some lectures? Do not worry!

    We have the so called JIM-Erklärhiwis. These are math students who are happy to help with questions and can explain especially well -- even virtually. Fast help guaranteed.