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    Institute of Mathematics

    Progress report

    The report of some of our graduates: below as a short statement, in detail in our info booklet of Mathematics in Würzburg (pages 51-52).

    Dr. Eva-Maria Nash, graduate mathematician, development engineer at a semiconductor company

    I lead a software development team. Developing new approaches to finding ideas without resorting to pre-built solutions is an important part of the work, as well as implementation, support and documentation. The work is interesting for me as a mathematician, since the way of solving the problem corresponds to the one I have learned in mathematics studies at the university.

    Dr. Christian Teichert, graduate mathematician, actuary

    Through my studies in mathematics I have acquired skills such as analytical thinking, creative and systematic approach to complex problems and exact working methods, which are very helpful in my job. In addition, the mathematical foundations helped me with the further education to "Actuar DAV", which is offered by the "German Actuarial Association e.V. (DAV)".

    Magdalena Meister, teacher of mathematics and sports at a Gynmasium

    No question: the knowledge that you acquire as a student of the program for teaching Mathematics, go well beyond the school material. But this is the only way to get an idea of what math really is, and so maybe have the chance to give students at least a little idea of "true math." In addition, I got the feeling that I can not address any student question so quickly because my expertise is far greater than that of the high school graduates.

    By studying mathematics, I learned first of all that it is worth biting through, and secondly, that two or three of you often have better ideas and are more successful than just yourself alone.

    Margaretha Goldmann, an apprentice trainee in the first year at a primary school

    Especially in the didactics of mathematics we were presented with concrete teaching material, with which we were allowed to experiment. In intensive seminar sessions, a wide variety of task formats were thought through, tried out and questioned.

    I also feel my teaching skills in mathematics in the classroom when I can give even advanced seminarians tips on their math lessons.

    The possibility to help younger students to learn during their studies as a math didactic tutor while at the same time deepening their own practical content through teaching and also making money on the side, I would recommend to anyone!