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Institute of Mathematics


Studying Mathematics in Würzburg

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Mathematics fits!

Mathematics has many facets. Meet the three students Anna, Jana and Dominik. Learn their motivations to study Mathematics and get their timetable.

Mathematical formulas and drawings

Degree Programmes at a Glance

Problem solver, knowledge practitioner, knowledge facilitator - our Bachelor's degree programs, an international Master's program and the teacher training courses cover all areas of interest in the field of mathematics.

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Hints for freshmen - Studying - how does it work?

Getting started is easy if you get the right information. Look to enrollment, timetable, pre-courses or decision support.

Studierender und Professor im Gespräch

Course Advisory Service

If you have questions about studying, our Course Advisory Service can quickly and easily help you!

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Study Organization

Program-specific information, deadlines and deadlines, event and examination organization, forms, crediting, final theses, ...

Information about Studying


Studying Abroad (Outgoing)

On the one hand, the language of mathematics itself is already international, on the other hand, mathematicians like to travel in order to communicate and exchange ideas.

Semester Abroad in Würzburg (Incoming)

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Practicing in your study? - sure thing!

No matter if Master, Bachelor or Teaching Degree, we always emphasize practical orientation. During the Teaching Degree one can for instance design learning station in the lab of Mathematics and/or supervise students at work. Full commitment!

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Offers for Students

What does mathematics at the university have to do with mathematics in school? What is the job of a mathematician? We support students interested in mathematics.