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The Uniday is the second JMU program for gifted students based on continuity, after the early study program. It is particularly intended for good students who want to gather information for their later studies and to get to know various possible subjects.

  • For a semester on Fridays to the university instead of to school.
  • Three courses are selected from the Unitag program, which will be attended during the semester.
  • The Unitag program includes 2-hour events from various subjects, i.d.R. regular courses of the first year of study, in STEM subjects also Unitag special courses.
  • For students of the Jgst. 11 (possibly also Jgst. 10) from high schools in Lower, Middle or Upper Franconia.
  • Proposal by the school administration.
  • Unusual lessons have to be reworked independently.
  • In contrast to the early study no possibility to take the exam.

Mathematics in Uniday

Every semester, we also offer a Uniday special course in mathematics, which gives a 2-hour course for university students on the topic of university mathematics. The regular courses in mathematics in the first year of study can not be taken (unlike in the early study), since they are too extensive with four lecture and two practice hours on different days of the week.

More information

  • The Uniday website of the JMU with information on participation, program booklet and event offer.