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    Which degree program?

    I am interested in mathematics ...


    • broad foundation in mathematics
    • Integrated application subjects (20%): Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Computer Science, Philosophy, Physics or Economics
    • Bachelor of Science with consecutive Master
    • Possibility to change from / to Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Teaching Mathematics, Business Mathematics.
    • Degree overview:  Bachelor in Mathematics, Master in Mathematics

    Computational Mathematics

    • Mathematics committed to natural and engineering issues
    • Applications: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Physics, in the Master also Medicine and Computer Science for Aerospace
    • Bachelor of Science with consecutive Master
    • Possibility to change from / to mathematics 
    • Degree overview: Bachelor in Computational Mathematics, Master in Computational Mathematics

    Mathematical Physics

    • strong mathematical-physical foundation
    • interdisciplinary degree program
    • matching contents of Mathematics and Physics
    • Bachelor of Science with consecutive Master
    • Possibility for a double study with (or change to) Mathematics, Physics
    • Degree overview: Bachelor in Mathematical Physics, Master in Mathematical Physics

    Financial Mathematics

    • Mathematics for applications in the economic and financial sector
    • Mathematics (45%), Economics (40%), Computer Science (15%)
    • mathematical focus in stochastics / statistics and financial mathematics
    • Bachelor of Science with consecutive Master
    • Change from / to mathematics, economics 
    • Degree Portraits: Bachelor in Financial Mathematics, Master in Financial Mathematics

    Teaching Mathematics

    • as a studied subject for high schools
    • as a subject for real, middle or elementary school
    • as didactic subject for middle or elementary school
    • first state examination for the teaching profession in Bavaria
    • Possibility for a double degree with (or change to) Mathematics, Mathematical Physics 
    • Study overview: study of Mathematics at high schools, subjects of Mathematics at secondary, middle or primary schools, didactics of Mathematics for middle or primary schools

    Mathematics International

    • Specialization in the fields of Mathematics offered in Würzburg
    • English-language courses
    • Master of Science
    • it is suitable for international students
    • Degree overview: Mathematics International Master

    How should I imagine a degree in Mathematics?