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    Mathematical Olympiad

    The Mathematical Olympiad is a nationwide competition for students from the Jgst. 3, which is conducted in four rounds (school round, regional round, country round, federal round). The best participants in each competition qualify for the next one. The tasks are set up and evaluated in each stage.

    We care about the promotion of young mathematics talents. That is why our institute is the Olympic location for Bavaria, that is:

    • the Landesrunde Jgst. 7-12 takes place at our place every two years (since 2013), for the 200 best students in the whole Bavaria: on Friday until noon there is the arrival, then the first competitive exam (4.0 h, three tasks). For the evening there is a shared accommodation in the youth hostel. On Saturday in the morning, there is the second competition (4.0 h, three tasks ), while in the afternoon there is the supporting program. Finally in the evening there is an exam view and on Sunday morning there is the award ceremony followed by the departure.
    • Every year at the end of February, the provincial round of the Jgst. 5-6 take place at our department, for the 30 best students of the North-West-Bavarian schools: in the morning there is a competition (3.5 h, four tasks), followed by an afternoon program and eventually an award ceremony.

    For the national round, the Institute of Mathematics cooperates with the Mathematical Olympiad in Bavaria, more precisely we organizes together the first three rounds of the Olympiad of Mathematics.

    In June 2018, the Federal Circuit of the 57th Mathematical Olympiad took place here.