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Institute of Mathematics

Job prospects

Shining career prospects...

... mathematicians are awarded, independently with respect to the economic cycle. According to STERN, "the unemployed mathematicians of Germany have space in a bus". A degree in mathematics (whether mathematics, business mathematics, mathematical data science or mathematical physics) attests to the ability of the graduates

  • to quickly get used to complex contexts,
  • to identify the core of a problem and separate the unimportant
  • to find creative solutions
  • to use profound mathematical expertise that is not available to graduates of other programs.

This, together with a visible knowledge of the needs of "mathematics users" usually results in the entry ticket to a crisis-proof workplace. Needs such as the choice of applications of Mathematics for the sector of economics and finance, or needs for applications in AI and Machine Learning in  Mathematical Data Science, or also needs in Mathematical Physics.


Do you want to know more about the job prospects as a mathematician? Read pages 48-49 in the info booklet of Mathematics in Würzburg.