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    Early study

    Early study of Mathematics

    Since 2004, the JMU offers an early study course for particularly talented and motivated students. One quarter of the more than 600 participants so far have chosen mathematics. Anyone who is intensively involved with mathematics at school will realize that there is more behind it, and want to practice professional work in mathematics, for which an early study could be interesting. As prerequisite we demand a complete good level of performance at the school, so that the lesson can be further analised.

    • Participation in regular mathematics lectures and exercises and possibility to take exams: any achievements can be used for a later regular study.
    • For students from Jgst. 10, in special cases also Jgst. 9 (schools not only in lower Franconia, but also nearby schools in central and upper Franconia or outside Bavaria).
    • Approval of the school board and the guardian of the student is required.
    • Admission procedure (application for a winter semester 01.06. or for a summer semester 15.01.)
    • Admission for one semester each, possibility of re-application for the following semester.
    • Care during the early study by a specialist mentor.
    • For participation in the courses at JMU i.d.R. is necessary one day of school per week. Further lessons will be independently reworked.
    • The journey is self-organized.

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