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Institute of Mathematics

Why Mathematics?

Jana would say, "because Mathematics occurs in everyday life". Dominik is committed to his program to promote and support students in the learning process of Mathematics. And Anna, who has always liked puzzles, wants to be a professional problem solver as a mathematician.

Three very different reasons for studying mathematics. Mathematics helps us to better understand many things in the world and make clear predictions for the future. Mathematics is part of our culture and at the same time it is the human answer to the complexity of nature. We are not aware about how much our everyday life is surrounded by mathematics. Mathematics is in the mobile phone, in our car, in CDs, ... at the same time we experience the beauty, the harmony and the grace of Mathematics.

All these aspects of Mathematics are mostly hidden for various reasons. But if you have a natural inclination to the joy of discovery, to seek for "what is behind it", then you will certainly find much joy in studying Mathematics.

Mathematics does not convey interpretive views. It builds on objective facts and logical conclusions. In the course of your studies, you will develop a feeling for the essentials. This is accompanied by the development of the ability to apply mathematical method and structured thinking to complex problems.

So, if you enjoy solving problems, explaining contexts, or applying mathematical insights, you should consider mathematics as a subject - not just because of the specialized knowledge you would eventually achieve, but especially because of the special way of thinking you will develop in this study.

Jana – 24 years old, knowledge user

She would like to understand the mathematical methods used in medicine and technology.

After completing her bachelor's degree, Jana specializes in the application of mathematics in medical technology in the master's program Computational-Mathematics.

Dominik – 22 years old, knowledge facilitator

He wants to explain math to young people as a teacher.

Dominik studies Mathematics and sports for high schools and works in the teaching-learning laboratory.

Anna – 21 years old, problem solver

She liked to solve riddles when she was child.

Now she has a bachelor's degree in mathematics and begins her master's degree.

Field of study mathematics

Overview of the several degree programs in Mathematics in Würzburg (Bachelor, Master, Teacher Education).