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Giovanni Prodi Chair - Appointments

Below, a list of previous holders of the Giovanni Prodi Professorship since their establishment in the summer semester of 2006. In the past, candidates were proposed by the members of the Institute of Mathematics. From October 2015, the procedure was changed since the professorship started being be widely advertised. In the first four years, the Giovanni Prodi professorship was funded by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

Visiting Professors

Semester Name Country Research Area
SS 2024 Prof. Dr. Bianca Stroffolini Italy Mathematical Analysis
WS 2023/24 Prof. Dr. Olga Aryasova Ukraine Mathematics and Geophysics
SS 2023 Prof. Dr. Alcides Buss Brazil Operator Algebras (C*-algebras)
SS 2022 Prof. Dr. Thomas Weigel Italy Group theory and Lie theory
SS 2022 Prof. Dr. Erik Verriest USA Mathematical System Theory
WS 2021/22 Prof. Dr. Francesco Fidaleo Italy Operator Algebras
SS 2021 Prof. Dr. Oleksiy Kapustyan Ukraine Dynamics and Control
WS 2020/21 no occupation due to corona pandemic - -
SS 2020 no occupation due to corona pandemic - -
WS 2019/20 Prof. Dr. Irina Markina Norway Differential Geometry and Mathematical Analysis
SS 2019 Prof. Dr. Maurice de Gosson Austria -
WS 2018/19 Prof. Dr. Vince Geiger Australia -
SS 2018 Prof. Dr. Šárka Nečasová Czech Republic -
WS 2017/18 Prof. Dr. Roma Kačinskaitė Lithuania -
SS 2017 Prof. Dr. Nils-Henrik Risebro Norway -
WS 2016/17 Prof. Dr. Michael Forger Brasil -
SS 2016 RNDr. Martin Kružík Czech Republic -
WS 2015/16 Prof. Dr. Gabriella Puppo Italy -
SS 2015 Prof. Dr. James V. Burke USA -
WS 2014/15 Prof. Dr. Emma D'Aniello Italy -
SS 2014 Prof. Dr. Karma Dajani Netherlands -
WS 2013/14 Prof. Dr. Filippo Bracci Italy -
SS 2013 Prof. Dr. Marta Lewicka USA -
WS 2012/13 Prof. Dr. Maria Stella Gelli Italy -
SS 2012 Prof. Dr. Chun Liu USA -
WS 2011/12 Prof. Dr. Alois Kufner Czech Republic -
WS 2009/10 Prof. Dr. Terry Gannon Canada -
SS 2009 Prof. Dr. Christopher I. Byrnes USA -
WS 2008/09 Prof. Dr. Kohji Matsumoto Japan -
SS 2008 Prof. Dr. Anna Martellotti Italy -
WS 2007/08 Prof. Dr. Nicolas Papamichael Cyprus -
SS 2007 Prof. Dr. Boris N. Sadovsky Russia -
WS 2006/07 Prof. Dr. Paul A. Fuhrmann Israel -
SS 2006 Prof. Dr. Roger W. Barnard USA -