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    Giovanni Prodi Visiting Professorship Winter Semester 2009/2010

    Terry Gannon (University of Alberta at Edmonton, Canada) is an eminent mathematician with large interests in mathematical physics. In particular, he is one of the leading specialists in quantum field theory, a branch of modern physics of rapidly increasing importance with far-reaching applications to both elementary particle physics and cosmology. He is the author of a book (Cambridge Univ. Press 2006) which describes the interaction of algebra, complex analysis, geometry and physics, and he published about 60 papers.

    Terry Gannon received his Ph.D. in mathematics from McGill University and he held professorships at various Universities in Canada. Moreover, he was invited as a visiting professor to France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the United Kingdom. He received awards as an Outstanding Researcher from York University, as well as a grant from the Canadian Science Foundation for several years, and he spent a longer period as Humboldt Fellow in Germany (Hamburg).

    During the winter term 2009/10, Professor Gannon will give a regular course (with exercises) entitled An Introduction to Conformal Field Theory, as well as a more specialized seminar on The Mathematics of Conformal Field Theory (see www.mathinfo.uni-wuerzburg.de/vv0910.html). All classes will be taught in English.

    In view of the interdisziplinary character of Professor Gannon's interests, all classes are addressed equally to mathematicians and physicists. Moreover, during his stay in Wurzburg (probably in December) a research workshop will be organized which is funded by the DAAD and will be announced separately.