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    Giovanni Prodi Visiting Professorship Summer Semester 2013

    Marta Lewicka (Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh) is a leading specialist in partial differential equations, calculus of variations, and nonlinear analysis, with a particular emphasis on applications to reaction-diffusion equations and elasticity theory.

    She received her PhD in 2000 at the renowned SISSA in Trieste, Italy, and held long-term visiting positions at Carnegie Mellon and Rutgers (USA). Moreover, she received various grants as a Principal Investigator, among them the prestigious NSF CAREER Award from 2009 up to present.

    Ms. Lewicka has a vast teaching experience in virtually all fields of mathematical analysis and engineering, and has organized several conferences and meetings. She has published papers on calculus of variations, elasticity theory, fluid dynamics, conservations laws, nonlinear analysis, ODEs and PDEs.

    During the summer semester 2013, Professor Lewicka will give a regular course (with exercises) on Applied Analysis, as well as a seminar on Variational Multiscale Methods in Material Science (see http://www.mathinfo.uni-wuerzburg.de/vz13.html). The classes will be taught in English. In view of the interdisciplinary character of Ms. Lewicka's interests, all classes are addressed equally to mathematicians, physicists, and engineers (Master Program).