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Giovanni Prodi Visiting Professorship Summer Semester 2017

Professor Dr. Nils-Henrik Risebro comes from the University of Oslo in Norway. He works in the field of partial differential equations of the type of evolutionary equations. These include hyperbolic conservation laws, an example of which are the compressible Euler equations, which are important in many applications.

In his groundbreaking dissertation he developed the foundation of a theory (called front-tracking), which later made important contributions to the existence and uniqueness of systems of one-dimensional hyperbolic conservation laws. A special feature of Prof. Risebro's front-tracking theory is that it is at the same time a very efficient numerical method. Prof Risebro at one time was the CO of a company that sold software for oil reservoir simulation. This software was based on its front tracking. Prof. Risebro feels at home both in theory and in numerics as well as in the simulation of evolutionary equations and integrates these approaches in an innovative way. His works are cited very frequently and he has produced famous students.

In the summer semester 2017 Nils Risebro gives a course called "Introduction to Conservation Laws" and also a seminar on "Evolution Equations". (See