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Giovanni Prodi Visiting Professorship Summer Semester 2019

Professor Dr. Maurice de Gosson comes from the University of Vienna in Austria. He is working in the field of symplectic harmonic analysis and its applications in quantum menchanics. This also includes the theory of the pseudo-differential operators, especially the Weyl and Born-Jordan quantizations.

As a student and collaborator of the world famous French mathematician Jean Leray, he developed in his habilitation (Paris, 1991) the theory of Maslov indices with applications in semiclassical analysis and  symplectic geometry as well as the theory of the metaplectic group.

Maurice de Gosson is also working on applications of symplectic topology on the uncertainty principle in quantum mechanics. In a series of pioneering articles he showed that Gromov’s non-squeezing theorem is closely connected to the Robertson-Schrödinger-Heisenberg inequality, a generalization of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This result is also known as the principle of the symplectic camel, which states that a ball cannot be symplectically embedded into a cylinder if the radius of the ball is larger than the radius of the cylinder.

During the summer semester 2019 Maurice de Gosson is giving a lecture on „Symplectic Geometry and Quantum Harmonic Analysis“ and a master seminar in symplectic geometry. (please see