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    Institute of Mathematics


    Giovanni Prodi Visiting Professorship Winter Semester 2008/2009

    Kohji Matsumoto (University of Nagoya, Japan, Graduate School of Mathematics) is a leading specialist in analytic number theory, with an emphasis on zeta- and related functions. He has published a monograph and about 70 papers on zeta-functions of Riemann, Dedekind, Hurwitz and Lerch type, asymptotic expansions, L-functions, and related topics.

    Kohji Matsumoto obtained his degree at Rikkyo University and subsequently held positions as lecturer and associate professor at Iwate University (Japan). He is currently working as a professor of mathematics at the Graduate School of Mathematics at Nagoya University. He was also invited as visiting professor (researcher) to Münster (Germany), Cardiff (UK), Lille (France), and Xian (China).

    During the winter semester 2008/09, Professor Matsumoto will give a regular course (with exercises) on Number Theory, as well as a more specialized seminar on elliptic functions and elliptic curves (see http://www.mathinfo.uni-wuerzburg.de/vz0809.html).

    All classes will be taught in English.